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Liz Dunn Actress Bio, Wiki, Age & Social Media Pages

Liz Dunn

Liz Dunn whose full name is Elizabeth Dunn is an Amercan actress who is best known for Little Women (2019), The Phantom and A Smartphone User’s Guide to Etiquette (2018).

Liz Dunn Age

Her current age is n/a at the moment


As per her Linkedin, she went to Valdosta State University where she studies Bachelor of Fine Arts – BFA Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General 2006 – 2010.


From Oct 2023, she has been working as a Drama Teacher at Global Arts Plus Upper Campus in St Paul, Minnesota, US. She also works as a Teaching Artist Stages Theatre Company from Jun 2023.

The other roles she has held include as a Teaching artist, Stages Theatre Company, Teaching Assistant City Lakes Waldorf School and Development Manager at Commonweal Theatre Company.

Liz Dunn Social Media Pages and Other Links

Liz Dunn Facebook  and her Facebook ID is 100070787203308

Liz Dunn Instagram and Instagram Tags. Lizz Dunn TagElizabet Dunn Tag

Lizz Dunn Twitter – She has no Twiiter (X) handles, here is the link on her tags on X.

Lizz Dunn IMDb

Lizz Dunn  TMDb

Lizz Dunn TVDb

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