Who is Stefano Voci? Snooker Viral Video Man; Age, Facebook & Family

Stefano Voci

Who is Stefano Voci?

Stefano Voci, 42, from Milan Italy, gained notoriety after a disturbing incident at a Snooker tournament in England. In a viral video, he was seen biting a young boy’s ear and engaging in inappropriate behavior. While not officially confirmed, internet sleuths on Twitter collectively identified Voci as the suspect involved in the incident.

Stefano Voci Police Statement

Law enforcement authorities are investigating the viral footage involving Stefano Voci allegedly whispering and biting a little boy’s ear. Voci, who was on vacation in the UK at the time, is considered a suspect and is currently in police custody.

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Who is the Kid in the Viral Snooker Tournament Video?

The identity of the young boy in the viral Snooker tournament video has not been officially confirmed. However, according to information from Stefano Voci’s mother’s Facebook page, it appears that the boy is a member of the same family as Voci.

Stefano Voci Facebook

Stefano Voci’s Facebook profile has been scrutinized following the incident. His page featured peculiar images of penis-shaped plants and unsettling videos of shirtless boys dancing. Some of his posts included disturbing captions, raising further concerns about his behavior.

Stefano Voci Quick Facts

Attribute Details
Name Stefano Voci
Age 42
Birthplace Milan, Italy
Gender Pedophile
Race Either Jewish or White
Height Estimated 5’11


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