Who was Tricia Todd? ABC 20/20 The Hungryland Homicide (Ex- Husband Steven Williams)

Tricia Todd

Tricia Todd was born on April 19, 1986, and passed away on April 26, 2016, from a homicide orchestrated by her ex-husband Steven Williams. She pursued her dream of becoming a nurse, even embarking on medical missions to Haiti. The homicide incident which happened in Martin County in Florida is gaining national attention eight years later after being featured in an ABC 20/20 episode. The episode dubbed “The Hungryland Homicide” seeks to explore the timeline of when 30-year-old Tricia Todd went missing.

Tricia and Williams were married in 2005. After Faith’s birth in 2012, Todd’s friends said they began to see her marriage to Williams unravel, with Ellis one friend telling “20/20” that Todd was bothered by repeated infidelity. In 2015, the two separated and Todd moved herself and her daughter back to Hobe Sound. After ten years of marriage, a divorce was officially finalized a year later.

Todd began to build a new life in Hobe Sound. She moved in with one of her brothers in his home about 2 miles from the beach, a location her family said she took advantage of to make late-night beach walks to think and pray. Williams, still living in North Carolina, paid child support and visited his daughter occasionally.

When did Tricia Todd go missing?

Todd was last seen alive April 26, 2016. Sheriff’s officials began an extensive search for the Treasure Coast Hospice nurse in the Hobe Sound area, around where she lived with her brother, the next day after she didn’t pick up her and Williams’ 4-year-daughter, Faith, from a babysitter. By that evening, Todd still had not surfaced. Worried family members alerted police to her disappearance.

Almost a month into the search, on May 25, 2016, Williams confessed to killing his ex-wife. Williams struck a plea deal to avoid life in prison. He was offered a plea deal that would reduce the sentence from a potential death penalty case to 35 years in prison in return for locating his ex-wife’s remains.

“When he said we were going to need a hazmat team, our heart just sunk,” Carde said to “20/20.” Williams took investigators to Hungryland Preserve, where he buried Todd’s remains in a plastic tote box of acid.

“It was clearly premeditated,” Carde reflected. The discovery left prosecutors and investigators regretting their plea agreement with Williams.

Williams is serving the 35-year sentence civil authorities agreed to in the deal.

The Air Force declined to federally prosecute him for crimes committed off base while on active duty.

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Tricia Todd’s Daughter and where is she now?

Faith Williams, now 10 (in 2024), was adopted by and is living with Todd’s brother Jonathan and his family.

“We love telling Faith about who her mom was,” Jonathan Todd said. “[Tricia] was just authentic…so willing to give of herself for others…and we teach Faith about that.”

Born: 19 February 1986, Stuart, Florida, United States
Died: 26 April 2016 (age 30 years), Hobe Sound, Florida, United States
Cause of Death: Homicide
Spouse: Steven Williams (m. 2005–2016)
Children/Daughter: Faith Williams
Parents: Rebecca Hasselbach, David Todd
Siblings: Joshua Todd, Jonathan Todd
Documentary: ABC “20/20” – The Hungryland Homicide

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